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Matt Preston’s favourite no-churn ice cream recipes to make at home




Quickly, while you have a spare moment, think of your five favourite desserts. I’ll wait…  OK, now tell me – does ice cream feature anywhere on your list?

No? I can’t say that I’m surprised.  

Too often we overlook the joy that is ice cream. Part of the problem is that it’s so much more than a dessert – it’s a treat;  it’s an indulgence; it’s even that thing that makes apple pie à la mode. Ice cream – and its cousins sorbet, gelato, semifreddo, parfait and granita – is one of humankind’s greatest achievements, rivalling even the pyramids, the internal combustion engine, and the machine that slices those cotton-wool-like loaves of cheap white bread. (I still haven’t worked out how they do that; it’s just so…

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